Meet Bronwyn

Meet Bronwyn


Bronwyn grew up in Toowoomba and is the daughter of a local family of teachers whose family has lived in the region for over 160 years.

As a Lawyer, Bronwyn has always promoted the principles of social justice and has been committed to improving the lives of all Australians throughout her entire career.  

Bronwyn’s experience spans from volunteering on not for profit management committees, as CEO of a disability and housing service, working for the Rural women’s Outreach Legal Service as well as front-line service delivery in communities right across the Groom area. Bronwyn was raised in Groom and now lives in Meringindan. Over the years Brownyn has developed a good understanding of the issues impacting the region and will represent the people of Groom in a government that listens, cares and delivers for our communities.   

Bronwyn is ready to take up the fight in Canberra to make Groom a better place to work, live and do business.

That's why Bronwyn is committed to putting Groom first


We'll Put People First

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